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Table Of Contents

This book provided by

Vietnam Door Gunners Association

The New American Forces Vietnam Network

      Table of Contents  

Chapter  1     The VA System & The 38 CFR
Chapter  2     Let’s Talk About PTSD
Chapter  3     Filing a Claim for PTSD
Chapter  4     After a Claim is filed - MHC
Chapter  5     PCT Unit Intake Assessment
Chapter  6     PCT Unit Inpatient Programs
Chapter  7     PCT Unit Outpatient Programs
Chapter  8     Letters from Psychiatrist & Psychologist
Chapter  9     About Stressor Letters
Chapter 10    Retrieving Medical Records
Chapter 11    Retrieving Military Records
Chapter 12    Other Documents in Support of PTSD Claim
Chapter 13    The Rating Board
Chapter 14    100% Rating Formula Explained in Detail
Chapter 15    After you file your Claim.... Then What?
Chapter 16    Submitting Evidence
Chapter 17    After you submit Evidence...Then What?
Chapter 18    The “C & P”
Chapter 19    The Rating Board Decision
Chapter 20    If you Disagree with the Rating Board Decision
Chapter 21    Disability Rating for Unemployability
Chapter 22    Example “Forms Completed”
Chapter 23    Blank Forms 
Chapter 24    Example “Letters”
Chapter 25    Example “Stressor Letters”
Chapter 26    Example “Military Awards”
Chapter 27    Example “After Action Reports”
Chapter 28    Example “C & P Questions”
Chapter 29    VA Hospitals & Telephone Numbers in the USA
Chapter 30    Addresses - Where to Write
Chapter 31    Example “Certified Mail Receipt”
Chapter 32    Example “Rights to Appeal Form”
Chapter 33    List of PCT Units

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